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Mentor refers to Someone who offers his/her knowledge, wisdom and advice to someone who is less experienced. 

There are some general points which will describe why one should have a mentor. 

1. Approach :- We are human beings and not machines, we commit mistakes by applying hit and trial methods. But if you find someone who has already been there and done that i.e completed the journey that you want to travel, that path will become so easier for you then. We found creative solutions that will decrease your time to succeed and maximize your chances of success.

 2. Unbiased People :- A Mentor will be the person who is new to you, not attached to you emotionally, you can discuss your issues with him/her and they always seek to provide you a better solution to any situation that will help you grow. 

3. We Understand the Struggle :- Since it has been already mentioned that a mentor is a person who has already been there and done that, therefore they know better what will be the upcoming THREATS or ISSUES that may arise. So, it’s better to learn for a WAR from someone who already WON it. 


This will cover the discussion about What are the general issues that are faced by CA Pendrive Classes and therefore Why Mentoring is required to them. 



1. Non-Completion of Course on Time :- One major issue faced by almost every CA aspirant is non completion of course on time. Because of which students fail to revise the contents before exams which ultimately leads to failure. Listen to every ranker regarding their success, they will tell you as many times you will revise, chances of succeeding in exams will improve.

 2. Wrong Time & Syllabus Analysis :- This is something which is ignored by every aspirant or we can say not considered by many students. Doing proper analysis of time w.r.t “Effective Time Available for Exams”, understanding Avoidable and Unavoidable Loss of Time, and after that How much time is required to complete the syllabus and revise it. Same with understanding of Syllabus – What is Necessary, what’s not, Topics that are the Fundamental or Foundation of Subject, Topics that can be ignored. Etc

 3. Unable to Recall during Exams :- Again a major issue faced by almost every student is unable to recall what they studied or say application of law or formula. This happens because of Lack of Practice, Failure to do revisions, Not attempting Mock Test Papers, etc. Conferenza provide CA CS CMA Pendrive Classes

4. Language issues in Theory Subjects ;- Answers of students gets checked on the basis of Benchmarks set by the institute, and therefore language becomes a big hurdle in clearing Theory papers because we take class in Hindi-English Mix Language, our Brain processes the subject in Hindi and while writing in the exams, our brain first process the answer in Hindi, then we have to convert it into English in Mind then write it. It becomes a lengthy process and we are also not proficient in English that What we are processing in Hindi, We are converting it in the same manner. Even Google Translator failed to do that, Try it. 

5. Selection of Material :- Not trusting one study material and continuously engaged in collecting multiple materials for studying leads to non-completion of course on time and which ultimately results in Failure. This issue has arisen due to leakage and circulation of materials of faculties in PDF formats in multiple social media platforms.

 6. Scheduling V/s Mentoring :- We are discussing this point in last because, this is the issue not faced by every student but by only those who took mentorship from others. Other Mentors only engaged in providing Schedules to them, giving old school motivation, manipulating students to join mentoring even a week before Exams, giving idiotic punishments to students and making videos of them and circulating it in social media platforms for gaining attentions. Do we really need this kind of nonsense surrounding our Life. Think by Yourself. Students at final level require proper guidance for Planning and Preparation for exams, as due to lack of it, full form of CA becomes “Come Again” rather than “Chartered Accountant”. So, we CA Elite Mentors are providing Customized Mentoring to each Mentee based on their multiple analysis and discussion with them.

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