The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing

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Technical terminologies can be difficult to understand. SEM is one such term which can help you create some unique and interesting marketing strategies. SEM was earlier integrated with SEO but overtime has been put into a different category. There are different sub-categories which can help boost your business and increase sales. If you are looking for professional assistance, you can get in touch with the top digital marketing agencies in Indore

What is SEM?

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. It is a paid search method which refers to paid listings. These paid strategies help in increasing visibility of the brand.  You may have heard the following terms – Paid search ads, PPC, CPM and CPC. These are different ways to avail PPC services or SEM services.  

Pay Per Click (PPC) refers to advertisements that specifically target the mobile users, depending on the number of clicks on the search results. SImilarly, CPM – Cost per Thousand impressions refers to advertisements that are sold on a PPC basis. 

Why should you choose SEM?

Millions of users are going online for several purposes. Search Engine has become a hotspot for users to reach several websites and get information. If you work with the best digital marketing company in Indore like Hype Digitally, you can avail PPC services to boost your traffic. 

Search Engine Marketing will help your brand to appear on the top results on the search engine, for a specific search. Brand will pay for the advertisements. The main keywords are targeted to bring users to your websites. You get charged only when a particular user clicks the link to your website. Typically, the placements of the paid advertisements are on the top and bottom of the search result page. Users have an ‘Ad’ icon to signify that this specific link is a paid advertisement or Pay Per Click service. Sometimes, the advertisements can also occur as products in a featured section. 

  • Cost-Effective Strategy
  • Pay only if a user lands on your site
  • Raking improvement in organic search results
  • Targets consumers at the right time to convert into sales
  • Immediate Results
  • Quick way to bring traffic to the website

Understanding the working

The Search Engines utilize different algorithms to make sure that the search results are relevant to the user’s queries. It uses all the available data like the location. The search words entered by a user are normally keywords. Websites use SEO to target keywords. This helps search engines match the user’s queries with the keywords to filter out the right results. 

When you go for PPC services, the advertisements will appear at prominent locations to attract the user’s attention. The user will go to your website because of the relevant search results of the paid listings. It’s a win-win situation since you pay only when you get traffic to the website.

Change the Perspective

Search Engine Marketing from a Marketer’s perspective is a whole new world. As a Marketer, you have to do some research and digging for guiding clients into the right direction. This involves the following tasks:

  1. Doing extensive keyword research. Shortlisting the ones most relevant to the website.
  2. Targeting the advertisements for a particular geographical location.
  3. Developing an ad based on text to display in the search results.
  4. Bidding for a price that will convince brands to pay for every click. 

Creating a text-based advertisement is quite simple. You need to include a headline, body text, CTA and a URL. Ensure to write clear, concise and engaging content. 

At present, Google Ads is one of the most prominent platforms used for paid searches. In addition, Yahoo Search Ads and Microsoft Advertising are also helpful to work for paid ads. These platforms also keep you posted with updates and tips regarding the SEM services.  

Work with us

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