SEO Optimization

A business URL which is not on the first page of Google is as good as invisible to the target customer. This is why it is important to drag your website from nth page to the first page of Google SERP and the best and the only organic way to do that is through Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO).
SEO not only puts your brand in your target customer’s purview but helps you get an edge over the competitors. A great SEO can be achieved through a strong & integrated content strategy that combines content marketing, research, technical SEO, social media, paid strategies, and other elements of online marketing to bring your brand on the first page of Google Search Engine results.
Our team of data scientists and SEO experts formulates a cohesive strategy which provides our clients with:

On-Page & Off-Page SEO:

We take care of everything. In On-page SEO, we cover everything including Site building, Title & Subtitle Creation, Meta-tags & Meta-Data Optimisation, enhancing page speed, creating URL structure & Scheme, Image & Alt Tag Optimisation, etc. Also, we make sure that no off-page we leave no stones unturned to make your presence count through link building, social media presence, Guest & forum posting, posting creative brand content on other online platforms, enlisting in local business, etc.

Intensive Key-Word Analysis:

We make sure to invest a major part of our efforts in key-word research & analysis before we start drafting your URL’s SEO strategy. This involves looking for keywords which your competitors are thriving for and the keywords that are generating results for them. This helps us in better targeting and planning.

Link Building:

We help your brand in obtaining & creating back-links with other websites for re-directing traffic from the relevant website or web-pages to your website. Not only this, but it also helps in building reputation & authenticity about your URL. Higher back-links yields better influence on consumers & visitors.

Competitor Analysis:

Every Business has competitors but not every business has an expert who can analyse competitors strategies to help you take an advantage of their tactics. We benefit our clients by decoding their competitor’s SEO strategy, targeted key-words, demographics & audience and use them to build an even stronger SEO campaign to generate leads & increase ROI.

Why Choose Our SEO Services?
More Traffic:

With our SEO services, you will be able to see a potential increase in the number of regular visitors on your site.

More Leads:

With acute targeting tactics, we enable higher lead generation for your products and services.

More Revenue:

Not only do we generate higher leads, but our content marketing techniques combined with intensive key-word research yields a high level of conversions.

More Brand Awareness:

We make sure that every potential consumer of your products and services is in a way about your brand and prefers your over your competition.