PPC Advertising

PPC Management Services refers to managing PPC Ad Campaigns (Pay Per Click). It helps brands in targeting customers based on the advertisements that they view, optimizing ad campaigns and growing revenues through data-based decisions. PPC Ads are highly flexible for generating high-quality leads and it can be easily scaled up or down to match your business needs.
Our data scientist undertakes intensive research & analysis in strategizing target key-words and audience to generate higher clickbait and higher click-through rate at lower PPC pricing for our service recipients.
The secret to the success of our intensive PPC Management services is that our content specialists invest extensive efforts in drafting compelling ad-copies, creating a fantastic landing page and performing A/B content testing so that our ads run through us generate higher ROI to businesses.

Our PPC Services Includes:
Creating Targeted Campaigns

We cater our clients with custom targeted campaigns which are carefully planned and developed after rigorous research and analysis of data, consumer behaviour and market conditions.

Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns

Our job does not end with creating campaigns. We help our clients in optimising their already running campaigns and optimise them for better leads to yield higher ROI.

Trying & Testing

To generate better results and output with every campaign, we run multiple A/B testing campaigns for clients on PPC ad formats to ensure that we get improved conversions with either same or reduced investment.

Reporting PPC Performance

We send regular updates to clients with performance metrics of ad-campaigns and enable two-way communication to ensure client satisfaction through intermittent monitoring of growth prospects.

Dedicated Project Manager

Irrespective of the size of project and project requirements, we provide a dedicated project manager for every business who handles the primary responsibilities about quality assurance, timely delivery and expected results on regular basis.